Versuri Depressed Mode - Death Multiplies

Album: Depressed Mode - ..For Death..

Luring my mind to this endless way
of death and pain to deal with the endless day

Death multiples

This huge amount of the dead bodies on these roads
Rising from the dead as quickly as they're born
I watch these falling rocks with fire from the sky
Seems like this prophecy has now prefilled

Holding this godless cup of venom in my hands
now I'm bound to drink the liquid scent of death
I feel the life running out from my veins
My eyes feel like ice, being a part of me

Your eyes feel so cold
You're bound to feel this agony
You die, in a glimpse of a second
You smile on my final breath

Brought by pain far away
I am loosing my mind, nothing in vain
Me to blame, I am reborn

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