Versuri DESPISED ICON - Harvesting The Deceased

Album: DESPISED ICON - The Healing Process

Harvesting the deceased
Artificial tissues made in laboratories
Engineered cells reinforced
Praising complex metamorphosis
Harvesting the deceased
A DNA structure adapted by scientists
Praising complex metamorphosis
Crafting highly gifted men with vivisected embryos
A prenatal diagnostic
Purity's end
Decayed beings renewed inside a flask then hosted in a mother's womb
Progression will be our downfall The deceased are brought back to life
And replicated for servitude
Technology will be our demise
And tomorrow, they will surpass the average human
After our own death, conventional men will cease to be pertinent,
Out numbered by offsprings
Witness the end of mankind
The Beta version is in place
A horrendous vision of chimera's altered characteristics
The Beta version has taken our place

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