Versuri DESPISED ICON - In The Arms Of Perdition

Album: DESPISED ICON - The Ills Of Modern Man

Plunged in bitterness
Seduced by an ocean of discontent
Carrying an everlasting smile with insouciance
Cultivating this disconnection with every single interaction

You won't lure me any further
I've been drinking too much shadow and now maybe I shall blossom
This misconception of human loneliness must be disregarded

I will stare at life like I never did before
This game is useless and everything so deceptive
My ambitions may look low but so is the price. I cannot win
What's the meaning of this precious souvenir?
Suppress these feelings

Forget the man you were
Even if we both knew that you'd rather be unloved and...
Forget the man you were
...nameless than be fictively surrounded

Carrying an everlasting smile with insouciance
I honestly know that demons will not hear me scream
and angels won't see me cry
Isolation is in the fact that the only thing I require
No false promises await in my nightmares
Nothing, except my own predestined downfall
Look at this smile and think I'm cheerful like you always were...

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