Versuri DESPISED ICON - Warm Blooded

Album: DESPISED ICON - The Healing Process

It's been seven nights since my latest craving
An urge so compelling, it consumes my every thought
Drawn by the glare of your flaming lips, fascinated by the way
Your touch turns everything to ashes
The buildings I've burned can no longer satisfy this tragic attraction
I must strike once more tonight
These callous hands have tamed the forbidden flame
Awaiting culmination, I anticipate our final celebration
Introduce yourself gently to Jennifer
I've kept you both apart all this time
Ignited by your awkward presence, she begins to dance
Consternation is so elegant. You can see the fever in her eyes
The smell of burning blonde hair pervades my heart with lust
Thick black smoke fills the room as her skin darkens
Fire suits you well
Blazing kerosene has veiled the lovely expression on her face
Brle, elle s'teint petit feu
Seduced by Jennie's singed eyebrows, I lay down next to her heated corpse
Awaiting the same fate
As my blood starts to boil, I seek redemption
Please incinerate my sins
My flesh is slowly burning
I grin as my remains deteriorate
At last, I can savor the wrath of your flames
Witness my decline

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