Versuri DESTINY - The Admiration Of Sadness

Album: DESTINY - Diving Into Eternity

In a moment full of admiration I heart your lovely voice.
I think back and my heart was full of sad astonishment.
Your glance will live eternally is my memories.
The wish to pick up the past conquers despair.
And your wistful eyes strengthen my hope to be a part of your thoughts.
And your words left their marks into the sand and were swallowed the ocean.
And I try to hear them.
To feel them and put them back into your heart.
The picture set by the sun begins to fade but the separation of these days is our bond.
And with the sound of beauty I became silent.
And with these sounds a wave of relief flows through me hitting ma heart.
From there my power of my love arises.
But this source was buried by your pain.
The feeling of having tears on my cheeks sets my pain free.
Tears of my suffering which mean nothing to you.
Feelings don't reach your heart anymore.
Pictures in my heart that are painted like you.
Every day a part in me dies but my wounded heart will not break.
To live a love that takes your life.
Alone drowned in thoughts I devote myself to the memories.