Versuri Destroyer 666 - A Sermon To The Dead

Album: Destroyer 666 - Defiance

I am the wind, I am the sea,
Every idle belief, every grief

And I am the dessert sands, that moves like the Serpent

And I am the rivers flow and the arc of Orion's bow
And I am the howling scream, the nightmare and the waking dream

And I speak the hallowed and accursed word
I am life I am death, the ageless prayer unheard
I am the truth, I am lies, the dark and the light
The twisting of winged serpents, and of madness

The Holy one and the betrayer, the birth and murder of love
And I am the paradox, all that you perceive, everthing all at once
And they call him Abraxas, to see him means blindness, to worship him is death
To know him brings sickness, to fear him wisdom,
Not to resist brings liberation

And call as you might I shall not listen
For I am nothing, I am all I am Indifferent

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