Versuri Destroyer 666 - Raped

Album: Destroyer 666 - Cold Steel For An Iron Age

They came to her house in the dead of night
They came to take her
Her mother screamed and her father cried
"Let them take her!"

So the poor little b***h is taken as a witch
To the dungeon
There she is stripped and beaten with a whip
Then they raped her

And she liked it

So this is how you f**k with a crucifix
The poor little b***h, well she likes it

So they held her down while they took their turn
They had to break her
Said she was evil and she would burn
Then they raped her

So why does this tale turn you on?
Why does it excite you?
"Cos we are beasts like the beasts in the wild"
Or more like barnyard pigs

And you like it

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