Versuri Destroyer 666 - Terror

Album: Destroyer 666 - Terror Abraxas

Let us be the hammer
Let us be the blade
Let us be the mace
Let us be the chain

Let us rend asunder
Let us crush beneath
Let us hear the sound
Of a million dying screams

But let us be real, not pawns of ideal
Not the folly of kings, nor rats in their wheel
Let us walk alone, let us strike at night
Let us be silent, secrecy our might

Let us smash the doors
Of those who have betrayed
Let us stain the streets
With the blood of slaves
(but) let us be calm
In the face of the beast
The fool is mass
In the face of all you meet

So if you can see, the truth is not easy
And you can hear
A sound in the wind with the promise of war

And if you can feel it
And you can breathe it
And you can face it
Then hear the words that threaten war