Versuri Destroyer 666 - The Siren's Call

Album: Destroyer 666 - To The Devil His Due

Upon the seas of discotent,
beware the visions we invent,
You know, you know it's right,
don't choose your women by candle light

Your soul...
Is gripped by...
f**k her hard...
Beware....the Sirens Call

Beware the calling that calls your name,
Beware the maiden that does the same,
The lies of gold your heart can weave
Beware the b***h who will deceive


One thing that I've learned,
love and lust can get burned
what's the price you will pay,
when from yourself you can't escape

When your dreamin', your guard is down
Didn't see her comin' round
Now your playin' the same ol' game
Different faces, but it's all the same


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