Versuri Destruction - Life Without Sense

Album: Destruction - Live... Without Sense

You were born but you don't know why you're existing
You are unabled why is it you and not me
Your parents they are shocked but still they love you
You are their flesh and blood whatelse could they do
Not even modern medicine can help your tortured book
Hospitals are your world doctor your friends to keep your dreadfull life
Other people never treat you like a normal human being
They often think you shouldn't be a part of their sick society
They smile at you but deep inside they think you shouldn't be here
Never ever realize, you got a heart and feelings too
People turn their heads whenever you walk by
Because they believe you live a life without sense
Life without sense, life without sense
If I'd be you I might decide to commit suicide
But you are strong enough to live on because it's you and not me

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