Versuri Destruction - Offenders Of The Throne

Album: Destruction - D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. 2008

You won't believe me
Cause You Think I am Free
Appearance or reality?
In a country of envy

All this jealousy is ruling
Those no class stupid wannabes
Pre-programmed breed of losers
Telling me what i should be

Offenders of the Throne
Envious freeloaders
With no Backbone
Offenders of the throne
Born and raised as drone

Rules are there to be broken
Abusive muck - Easy spoken
They breathe fire and brimstone
Offenders of the throne


Back - seat drivers
With no backbone - Possessed
Should be engraved
On your tombstone - possessed

/[Solo: Mike Sifringer]/

Soul-Destroying Demise
Without Substance you wont' rise
Possessed and ruled by jealousy
I'm Proud to be your worst enemy

/[Solo: Mike Sifringer]/




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