Versuri Destruction - The Alliance Of Hellhoundz

Album: Destruction - Inventor Of Evil

Welcome to hell - wheels of steel praise
Metal on metal - the battle cry of those days
Son of a b***h - kill as one - restless and wild
Running free - a wrathchild

We're together as one
We're second to none
We're together as one
Bonded madness on the run

We break the spellbound
The alliance of hellhoundz
We cultivate our sound
The alliance of hellhoundz
Never surrender the spirit never dies
The alliance of hellhoundz will rise

Prayers of steel made us to believe in sin after sin
Denim and leather became our second skin
True as steel we fight with earthshaker rock
Filth hounds of hades trying to leave fuckin' scars

Hypocrisy and pain will lead to the abyss
We're stapping the drama in hell with the kiss of death

Tales of the creations slaves to the masters of doom
(the) hellraisers shout it out:
Praise Metal to the Skies
Standardisation shapes the slaves of society
Human progress is built on our variety