Versuri Destruction - The Defiance Will Remain

Album: Destruction - Inventor Of Evil

Creating Idols of Decay
Servants of Common Replay
Feed the Machine of Illusion and lies
A new star is born-oversize

Common knowledge built on scars
Spreading society's war cry
Remote controlled superstars
Dull minds deserve the small fry

The defiance will remain
Resistance with a high sustain
The defiance will remain
The defiance will remain

Creating idols of decay
Blinding with might and success
Bizz ain't a reliable source today
Temptation fight helps to oppress

The turning point in life has a twisted neck!
Afraid that greed attracts the that pays back?

Creating idols of decay
Focus fatal mighty cash
Stereotype loser just don't pay
Dust to dust - fuckin' trash