Versuri Deuteronomium - Fool

Album: Deuteronomium - Here To Stay

[Lyrics by Miika Partala]

Its not always easy to live this life
Its so much easier to see Paris and die
Well, I havent seen it yet but maybe some day I will
But today Id like to ask what kind of man I am?

I am not a man with a sense of humor, I have no jokes to tell
If you get bored, you can go, I wont blame your taste
But if you are curious and you have some time to stay
Please stay and listen to what kind of man I am

I am a fool of Christ
Does it bother you?
I hope it wont and Im sorry if it does
But that kind of man I am

Well youve had time to listen this far, are you still surprised?
I guess you are, but thats OK, you will surely survive!
But let me ask you what kind of man you really are?
And hey; let me know if Im too familiar!

I am a fool of Christ
I think its OK for you
Thank you and bye bye then
But whos fool are you?