Versuri Deuteronomium - Statue Of Liberty

Album: Deuteronomium - Here To Stay

[Lyrics by Manu Lehtinen]

Were marching on, cry out for freedom
We wanna get liberty or death
Do whatever, whenever we want to
We dont see our liberty is dead

Mans freedom, freedom to sin
Gods freedom, freedom from sin

Free to stay, no need to pay
Free to leave, we wont bleed
We dont care those crying out there
Were satisfied, when our love died?

We bow down to the statue of liberty
Worshipping our idol of freedom
The problem we dont wanna see
Were slaves to our freedom
- the fake freedom

We can only reach true liberty
In the Word of God Almighty
Live by grace, live by forgiveness
Have liberty in all its fullness

I bow down to my Lord of liberty
Worshipping my God of freedom
He has set me free
From the slavery of my freedom

...freedom ...freedom ...freedom!
...freedom ...freedom ...freedom!

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