Versuri Deuteronomium - Terminator

Album: Deuteronomium - Here To Stay

[Lyrics by Manu Lehtinen]

Hes the terminator, destroyer of good
Hes the beast after me with murder in his eyes
Where could I hide, what could I do?
I know he wont rest til one of us has died
Oh yeah, Ive tried to escape, to run away
But when I turn around the corner
There he is, staring at my eyes again
The steel cold terminator

Guess I gotta stop hiding so I
Jump on my bike, ride like the wind
I smile and think now he will die
Take my shotgun, blow off his head
I turn around and look back to him
Like quicksilver balls, the pieces gathering
Like nothing happened, there he is again
So the battle still keeps raging

I stop to load my guns
Listen to Masters directions
Speed up back to the fight
With His words in my mind

Im exhausted, hurt and scared
Cannot give up, gotta keep fighting
Remind myself, this war will end
On judgment day the Master comes
Throws him into the burning lake of fire
The terminator will be dead - terminated forever!

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