Versuri Devil Sold His Soul - As The Storm Unfolds

Album: Devil Sold His Soul - A Fragile Hope

it's obvious that you cannot see
she stands with cupids heart in her fist
and i have the feeling that i'm losing you again
but yeah, it's alright

your time is up, you're taking this too far
your time is up, you've taken this too far
rise up to fight this witness
she said to leave this sorrow
your sin to powder your eyes
beside you i see the war start

i'm down this road, so what's left?
to fall into you, to give it all again
to pull the sunset from your eyes
and you already have gone
you fool yourself, but i can't help but stop fighting you

i still see the fear in your eyes
wasting away just tihnking about the end
i know, this is the last time before it's over,
and then it's gone

beached from the wrath of your own fists
i guess i can't believe a single word that you said
the smokes in the air,
which mean's that you're too late to be saved

this is how we set fire to the storm
things never change
but was it too much to ask? i don't f*****g think so
i'm already sick of the truth

complete: a word that you will never want to know
but you don't care
you fool yourself, but i can't help but stop fighting you

watch me fall

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