Versuri Devil Sold His Soul - Sirens Chant

Album: Devil Sold His Soul - A Fragile Hope

Throw myself into the swarm just to take revenge on the severed survivors
I close my eyes and hope that somehow it is dead
the hopeless, the wounded, the survivors take their toll

run fast through the wake
remaining glimpses of what could have been
but I still break when the truth hits the light of day

the sirens are screaming for my blood

it's all up to you
as I walk into the edge
why are you sorry for this world?
why can't you get it right?
and I know I’m running out of hope...

waiting for the red, I strike out at you
don't walk away, don't fade from my life, because I need the embrace
we're still running out of time
if I burnt out my eyes, would I then see regret?

cut down the other side of my apology
this audience is not how it seems
no rain falling, the clouds move aside
and I wonder how I have never noticed this light upon my face

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