Versuri DevilDriver - Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned)

Album: DevilDriver - DevilDriver

- Right! - Let's move, move! - - In this life I've known nothing but seeds you've sown - I've walked the highways and I've
combed the side roads - It's been a joy of highs, oh the pain of lows - I met the Devil at the heart of the crossroads - I share
a soul with a hunting hound - My blood's a red river that flows through every town - No - Have you ever felt like I have? - - Cry
for me sky - Cry for me, scorned, scorned - - Live this life insane, nothing but pouring rain - I'm an outlaw, it's amazing I'm
sane - Born and dressed in black, my soul is fighting back - Fueling Hell and raising cain, cain, cain - No - Have you ever felt
like I have? - - Cry for me sky - - Right - Get the f**k up, get up... - - When I'm a ghost and gone, I'll be remembered strong -
By all I've met, by friends and family - When I'm lowered down, six feet in the ground - There won't be a sound except for crows
wailing - - Cry for me sky

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