Versuri DevilDriver - Head On To Heartache (Let Them Rot)

Album: DevilDriver - The Last Kind Words

Secure and hold fast, before you lose control!

Its hell and high water
Believe in gods, hooves, horns and thunder
Days of wrath don't go seeking shelter
Poison creeps, serpents slither, then slumber
Bastards, paradise, true the bargain was made
Full thrust enticed to an early grave
Deals were struck late into a cold winters eve
The table was set, laid out for the feast..

Secure and hold fast, before you lose control
Head on to Heartache, Beware of the promises made
Head on to Heartache, steadfast to an early grave (let the rot!)

Deals with the Devil, theres no second best
It's in my nature to say f**k the rest
Ever thought the world was crashing down?
Man the people were talking all around

[Pre-chorus and chorus]