Versuri DevilDriver - Hold Back The Day

Album: DevilDriver - The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand

Dig deep
Dig in deeper
You go where only fools
Fear to tread
You'll find devices to kill your master
Why not kill your maker instead
Leave it to the ones that own you
Leave it to those ones to disown you
Put faith & trust in the dusk
Do what you must do

I'm getting edgy for those departed
Left all alone left still forgotten!!!!

Miles to go and
Sky's to fly
Hold back the day
Miles to go and
Sky's to fly
It's darkest before the Dawn

Claw hard now
From your casket
Six feet and getting deeper
Should the top, soil feel Heavy
It must be getting weaker
Towers people build, up in life
Become frail & fall to the ground
f**k them
There opinion
The Honest Man!!!!!!!!


Always, always, darkest before the dawn....


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