Versuri DevilDriver - The Axe Shall Fall

Album: DevilDriver - The Last Kind Words

This abomination won't see the end of days
Sit throne of lies, torn
By the voice up high
Death was only a dream
Not devastating disaster
The rights of passage
The past we can't alter, f**k you, you
And the horse that you rode in on, just sit there
And be silent as the grave
You've come out this time, smelling just like roses
I sit there, watch, while I drink my wine

The weight of your sins and the evil beneath us
Will surely drag you down,
The axe shall fall
On the one-winged angel, breaking the spell
would you break this fall?
For he, who sins against his kind
The axe shall fall

With a hollow heart and hollow eyes, a cry from the cross
Serpents in disguise, hearts of distrust is what we despise
I sit there watch and drink my wine


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