Versuri Devolved - Derivative

Album: Devolved - Calculated

[lyrics : Noordin]

Pulsing information darkened lifeless frame of mechanics compiled inspiration
Vaporized maddening signals beyond recognition reason to be never considered
Mandatory life of silence distilled programming to contend with the natural
Growth and elaboration of initial input conditioned to existence oblivious to
Life an integrated reproduction interpretation within shaded walls of chemistry
Moulded by science forever unfolding cold lifeless creation gone full circle
Subliminal consumption human conditioned response disabled (creation of
Artificial minds assembled clones immortalized through constant duplication
Condemned derivative of one mind conceived in hopes that betray intuition
Discordant infliction surpassing emulation infusing equality and replacing it
With an object of its own) cold minds dead lives insight into aberration
Detected terminated erased then syncopated contemplate affliction emulate
Infection concentrate existence human concepts manufactured by the faceless
Masses in the distance co-efficient machines just numbers in wastelands the
Simulation of a life like process emergence devised and distributed globally a
Virulent saturation to theorize evolution through its disjointed fossil remains.