Versuri Devolved - Distorted

Album: Devolved - Technologies

a mind for science there is no god in the souls of those i burn the love of hate without emotion replicate life with no concept but a negative vision of this world a manifested data flow of rusted thought encoded self I've created the eyesore of all depleted creatures vile stripping thoughts of hope and belief to embrace the shape of life that has become manipulated shell of your demise modified fall confine form burrow to the shell of self design and scan the ruins of lost minds filtered to be unfolded feeding into a viral heart the imperfection of our nature reconcieve within cold walls shed the skin of all emotion lack the process to become the eyesore of depleted creatures no walls to divide inside a virus to rot the incompleted sap the breath dry the flesh shed the skin of being me lost minds filter to be unfolded inside a viral heart of sickness distorted to defile all thats (seen) mind an irrelevant pattern crawling internal ruin programme of subtext wrapping all around the vital signals of the human content wave of submissive current (compressed into decay a vertigo the impression of this world I've created) compressed into decay a vertigo the impression of this world I've created for you all tolerance for this world bends to a shape of perfect corrosion disfigurement morals forgotten control gone out of control