Versuri Devolved - Emergence

Album: Devolved - Technologies

(a current of severely mishapped thoughts bruising flesh bound in twines of wire and probing blades pre programmed minds of a new order recreate the emptiness of death resurrect its lifeless form into manipulated strain of the human core brand its lies into millions confusion reigns purify then infect existence) all in all a contradiction of thought validating a pulse of infection to handle every subject of branching individual enhancing crush it now replace the crux of life have they stolen our beliefs have they been implanted subconscious injection by invisible vices our sentimental broken imagery isn't what we see blinded by successive indulgence of repressive matter can we see a twisted world straightened when its not open our minds to input made accessible by who corporations controlling the influx and farming the growth only to be slaughtered and consumed by the next generation of false intelligence feeding on remains of the last knowing nothing and feeling whole conforming to all and never realizing that their minds are controlled (flourishing morals are flattened all structure bent into oppressive matter the embodied self now becomes the true contradiction where mass delusions entwine a folded core within a merge of bent conception become the lesser a sticking infection my passive misery to embrace a vile form of life)