Versuri Devolved - Hybrid

Album: Devolved - Calculated

[lyrics : Sankey]

(Theories of origin contradicted in an outcome of foreseen demise re-evolution
Begins with the manipulation of a self-destructive species)

Deconstruct to re-generate inventing history for a population
Contradicted virus of the weak stems to multiply scapegoat of human
Untruth tactical extremities collide programmed mechanism of control
Engineering systematic fall mortal decimation regulating cycle of genetics
Infiltrated tolerance of life over reconditioned co-existent mind contort
Purity invert nature non compliant breach of humankind raping evolution
With infection virtual decline is unrelenting theories of demise now real
Uncondition history re-inventing its tomorrow replicated network of disease
Perceptions corrode inorganic spore of defectives emergent agitating futile
Imminence a twisted innovation origins erased and denied weaken to infect the
Evolution chain neutralize capacity of comprehension vertigo perpetuating
Dementia lacerate the soul errors of the mind mechanizing
Perceptions of non reality human fragmentation pre-determining existence
Bring repeated ages to an end modified collision of the opposites
Igniting in a blur to kill my own bloodlines consume silence tactical
Collision forging lifeless end (inventing a history for an already extinct
Population a virus of the weak stems to multiply scapegoat of human untruth
Tactical extremities collide) consequence breeding our disintegration violated
System nullified inhumane sacrifice bloodlines are engulfed in silence
Activating calibrated database of indignation prism of the mind walls
That close in kill my own non reality regulated cycle of genetics
Infiltrated with fate human fragmentation bringing end of life
No one is immune trapped inside caged within untruth.

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