Versuri Devourment - Molesting The Decapitated

Album: Devourment - 1.3.8.

[Lyrics By: Ruben Rosas, Kevin Clark]

My mind is as rotten as the bodies of the fuckin' whores I've killed.
I raid a fresh grave to satisfy my thrills.
What the f**k is this?
A filthy fuckin' ugly b***h, I must rip the head clean off this scabby dead

Now I rip the thread from her lips, bugs exit from her pale face
I jam my prick in her mouth and then I spin her head around, unburied
I gaze at her body mutilated but not by my hands stab wounds from a prior
predator but the job is not yet done
Now I will get the sloppy seconds of this rancid slut

I f**k the fuckin' s**t out of her filthy neck
fluids from her stiff vagina seep
parasites proceed to enter my pulsing pecker
gnawing their way through me
hundreds of maggots nesting in my nutsack
horrible hybrid from the unseen
how will I rid myself of these filthy scum guppies
f**k this crude larvae

Pissing blood and pieces of meat
A small price to pay for my crimes
Tickling from my dick into my own hand
I tilt my head back, feel it oozing down my throat

she agrees to f**k me before I take her life
so I proceed to penetrate her twat till it bleeds
her screams of pain turn into moans of pleasure
so I punch her in the mouth but she begs me for more

As I pound at her blood soaked slit
she begs me to deliver my seed
>From my red cock the scavengers seep
in the womb grows my young offspring

Tortured and defiled as I impregnate
Embodied in my victim hate bred spawn
nine months newborn, enraged angered
inhuman infant of my incarnation

Countless corpses litter the streets
there's not stopping my sick offspring
surviving chiefly on humans, herds of dead cadavers rotting stripping the
hides from the living, hideous beyond conception
widespread murder rape breeds sickness
man is the endangered species

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