Versuri Devourment - Over Her Dead Body

Album: Devourment - Unleash The Carnivore

Over her body I stand with the demons
Telling me to blanket her with semen
Gurgling blood from her ravaged insides
The blade made short work of this c**t in no time

She twitches with an ounce of life still
I stomp her skull to further the kill
Her brain destroyed spews viscous fluid
I stab her face for my amusement

Her life ceased to be
My desire is not complete
I grab this slob by the hair
Then saw off her pretty head

With the dripping head I force her death to pleasure me
Once inside I feel the warmth of fresh blood to revelry
Her eyes gaze into mine as I consume this wretched fantasy
The climax comes I shake so sweet, a pleasure like I've never seen

This b***h's head will be a part of me
Hack the torso til it's never seen
Carve her c**t, remove the insides
Urinate on her butchered tits