Versuri Devourment - Shroud Of Encryption

Album: Devourment - Molesting The Decapitated

Scum f*****g b***h, cum guzzling whore
eating the dick like a revolving door
you suck on my cock but dont swallow s**t
your nothing but a worthless a*s b***h

So youve been raped, beaten and stabbed
Body contorts, rip you in half
I defecate on your blood splattered mass
Defiling the corpse, suffer in death

Evisceration - rape the bloody whore
Ripped up body now I crave for more
Endless suffering - I will rape you in the a*s

Skin forsaken, bruised and naked
My hands are shaking, I will kill again

Stalking the dark shroud of night
to claim a victim for my crypt
severed heads decorate the lair
which Im on with sin
Grinding chunks of flesh into
a red and meaty paste
Feasting on these b*****s pieces
soothes my minds decay

Come unto me objects of mindlessness,
torture's too good for you [x3]

Read into my ghastly deeds
and encounter sickness
slaughter of disease filled whores
Filth this world dont need.

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