Versuri Dew-Scented - Defiance

Album: Dew-Scented - Ill-Natured

Return To The Eternal Mindstrip
Lock Your Soul In A Prison Of Fright
Hold Back - For A Trace Of Wisdom
Lurk Again Through These Eyes Of Blind
You Will See Damnation Come Close By
Empty Words In A Prime Of Poetic Loss

Turning To The Right:
Salvation Outbraving Life
The Fear-The Fall-The Nameless....Endless
Stride Over Those Final Dreams
A Soul Encaged For A Lifetime...

Embracing Forgotten Splendours
Buried Thoughts Of Memorial Light
Slump On - In Praise Of Downfall
Lurk Again Through These Eyes Of Blind:
You Will See Temptation Spreading Life
Sacred Lies Adorned With A Crown Of Thorns

Turning To The Left:
Salvation In Mortal Crime
The Anger- The Rapture - The Sin.....Endless
And I Praise The Ending Divine
A Spellbound Discharge Of Fear
The Eternal Defiance For Man
The Coming Of Doom Un-This-Holy Ground
Expecting Damnation
Hailing Regression
Gather Souls In Celebration Of Pain

Finally A Quick Glance At Forever
In A World Of Disease
Fall Again Unto Terminal Lust
You Will Not Defy Mortality
We Will See
These Words Hide Too Much For You To See
Final Prayers Evoking Misery
And Reaching Out For Defiance
Display Your Wounds Not For Me
Infinity Dies On Me