Versuri The Dillinger Escape Plan - Chinese Whispers

Album: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis

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Chinese Whispers Lyrics
(written by: Gregory John Puciato)

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Lined up waiting for the execution
Blank stares fall from out of trees
Never leave home praying for the new solution
Sick from all the indifference in the breeze
Out your head down, you're tied up
With a blank stare you know that your time's up
Now you're lined up for the execution
For de-evolution
For the new solution
So you can see the way that things are gonna be
It seems like you've been running out now
God knows you could lose some pride
With an ego you could never even try to hide
On your deathbed nobody stops by
I remember when you thought you would never die
With your head hight, go to sleep forever
It's your last endeavor
Who could do it better?
I know it's just a game to you but not for me
And it seems like you've been running out
Like you've been running out now
Now it seems like you've been running out
With fear in your eyes lie still in your bed
Don't concern yourself with things left unsaid
Your contribution is slowing progress
You can't build something with empty promises
Every second is passing by so fast
Everything that you cling to will not last
There's a chemical weapon made from all your broken dreams
From all your broken dreams

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