Versuri DIM MAK - Monolith

Album: DIM MAK - Knives Of Ice

Ripping, Torn, Asunder
Faith Is Crushed
Death Of Trust

This Place Is Cold And Distant Now
A Dying Waste A Killing Field
To Any Compassion Left In me
A Granite Stone A Monolith
Impervious and Malignant
Obsidian Clear Cold resolve

Brooding Intense Solitude
Muscle Knotted Stressed
Summon Under Strength

Monolith Jaded Stone Remains
Monolith Surviving Yet Still Scathed
Monolith Excommunicate
Monolith Abandon All your Faith
Monolith Turn A Man To Stone
Monolith Primal Man alone
Monolith Emotions Devastate
Monolith Choose To Isolate

Isolate, Isolate, Isolate, Isolate

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