Versuri DIM MAK - No Rope A Dope

Album: DIM MAK - Enter The Dragon

Sick of these emotions
Sick of these conclusions
Sick of these solutions
No rope a dope

Thinking of the past
Thinking of the crimes
Thinking of the guilt
No rope a dope

Cold with no concern
Cold with no respect
Cold with no reflection
No rope a dope

Twisting in our sleep
Twisting in our sweat
Twisting in our skin
No rope a dope

How wrong can I be
How wrong can I be
How wrong can I be

How strong can I be
How strong can I be
How strong can I be

Tired of provocation
Tired of all the tension
Tired cause it's senseless
No rope a dope

Raging all the time
Raging so we're blind
Raging we can't see
The rope a dope

Grind a person down
Grind them if their proud
Grinding down belief
No rope a dope

Hopeless without pride
Hopeless without a soul
No rope a dope
The more you look
The more you're forced to face it
The more you hope
The more you're forced to chase it
The more you hate
The more you're gonna find it

I can see it right now
We don't respect each other
The message is clear
We do not love each other
We're all for ourselves
So we can f**k the other

Don't be a fool
We never will relate
Don't be a fool
We'll never separate
Don't be a fool
We won't survive the hatred

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