Versuri DIM MAK - Tribulations

Album: DIM MAK - Enter The Dragon

Turn my back
What do I see
A f*****g fascist light show
Cruising up to study me
Broke no laws
That they can't see
Still they'll harass
Because I have a certain look you see
I've lost all respect
Cause All I see
All my freedom
Being slowly torn away from me

I don't feel free-5 times

Perverted freedom
Or none at all
They have my numbers
And they're always at their beck and call
Can't hide in freedom
Can't build a wall
Big Brother finds you
So many eyes to see it all
Their power sickens
Enslaves us all
Nothing short of revolution
Will ever cause the beast to fall

I don't feel free [6x]

Free from a system
That keeps us servile
Keeps us in line
All they do is hold me down
Free from a system
So suffocating
Setting morals
To keep us guilty
A petty minion
All they do is f**k with me
Free from a system
So despotic
So f*****g greedy
All they do is take from me

I don't feel free at all
Back against the wall [2x]
Stone by stone we fall
And I don't feel free at all

[Repeat 5th verse]
[6th verse 2x]

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