Versuri DIM MAK - Weakener

Album: DIM MAK - Knives Of Ice

I Keep The Misery Alive, Alive
I Speak Disgustedly Of Life Of life

Controlled Cruelty
I Sense You Weakening
I Have a Negative Effect
I'll Take You To a Burning Hell And Back
All Negativity
Flows Freely Through Me

I Live, Eternally, Through Pain, Through Pain
I've Left a Sonic mark, Of Hate

I Foul And Poison Spirits
Infest And Ruin lives
I'm Ripping Open Wounds
Emotions Traumatized
My Wrath Will Leave You Weakened
Close To A Heartless Death
And I Will Watch you Wither
As Weakened Flesh Decays

Flesh Decays

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