Versuri DIM MAK - Windowpane

Album: DIM MAK - Knives Of Ice

Violent Night On Lafayette Street
Lysergic Acid Eats
At Feral Minds In Disenfranchised Times
Of Psychedelic Crime
Erupting Rage Is a ladder like effect
Punish The Disrespect

Psychoexplosive On massive Dosage
Triptified Might Into The Night
Alchemistical Violent Visceral
Triptified Might

Bitter Arsenic And Grinding Teeth
Visit To The diseased
Burial Stone Tumble On Bone
A Ghost To Send you Home
Abandon Shovels For The Mausoleum
Chemical Desecrations

Psychogalvanic Vividly Sonic
Electrified Freak maximum Peak
Kaleidoscope Eyes patterns Alive
Maximum Freak

Ching Battle Of Ching
Ching Ching Ching Battle Of Ching

I see Their Faces Melting
Dripping Human Flesh
They Look Like Lesser Demons
Evil Epiphany

Coma Inducing Trip
Dark Places Bad And Crazy

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