Anul viitor aduce un nou material Dimmu Borgir

de Cristi Nedelcu

Anul viitor aduce un nou material Dimmu Borgir

Silenoz a confirmat faptul ca in 2018 vom avea un nou material semnat Dimmu Borgir, dupa 8 ani de pauza.

Ultimul disc al norvegienilor, 'Abrahadabra' a fost lansat in 2010.

Iata ce a declarat chitaristul pentru Metal Shock Finland: "Everything is pretty much set to go,. We're still in the final stages of getting everything, artwork-wise, ready, as well as photos, videos, stuff like that. So, things are taking a bit of time. I guess after seven years, a little bit more waiting doesn't hurt too much, hopefully."

We feel that we're sitting on the best album that we could possibly do at this time, and personally, I think it's definitely our best album to date. Obviously, that's something that everybody says, but if I didn't believe that we would do our best album, there wouldn't really be any point doing a new one. So, yeah, I'm really excited about it, and I know that quite a few fans will probably be positively surprised. And, yeah, we can't wait to get this stuff off the ground and get going."

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