Dimmu Borgir - piesa si clip nou dupa 7 ani

de Cristi Nedelcu

Dimmu Borgir - piesa si clip nou dupa 7 ani

Dimmu Borgir au lansat o piesa noua insotita de clip "Interdimensional Summit" ce va fi inclusa pe albumul 'Eonian' care va fi lansat pe 4 Mai.

Iata ce au declarat cei de la Dimmu Borgir:

"The time has finally come! After more than seven years of silence, DIMMU BORGIR mark their epic return and unveil the first song of their new full-length album 'Eonian', due to be released on May 4th via Nuclear Blast.

This first track off the new record, the symphonically charged 'Interdimensional Summit', comes with a music video shot by Patric Ullaeus, who had previously worked with the band for the clips of 'Progenies of the Great Apocalypse', 'Sorgens Kammer - Del II' and the award-winning 'The Serpentine Offering'.

The song represents the more epic side of a devilish and diverse album, which pays tribute to all eras of the band's 25-years-long history."

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