Versuri Dimmu Borgir - Dreamside Dominions

Album: Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions

When the ghastly mourners awakens from sleep
And the volant funeral crows are watching
Like evil omens in shadowed murmur
They welcome me again

Agonized and flattered to once become
A part of this horror scenario
I descend with arms open wide

Armoured and filled with painful pleasure
Reflecting streams of monstrous mirages
I will not hide

Losing control in seductive madness
Spiritual revelations, apocalyptic hypnosis
Dead colours appear within unshallow graves
Alone in awe I face abhorrence below

Trapped inside to suffer in silence
Torn apart in mind and sense
Baptized in this nightly glamour-
Rites of splendid essence

Agonized and flattered I once became
A part of the horror scenario
Armoured and filled with painful pleasure
I did not hide

Now when the gates are no longer shut
I withdraw from the light of the sun

[lyrics: Silenoz]