Versuri Dimmu Borgir - Puritania

Album: Dimmu Borgir - Alive In Torment

[Originally released in 2001 on the album "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia".]
[Music: Shagrath.]
[Lyrics: Silenoz and M.Lunde.]

We do away with your kind.
Countdown to exterminate the human race.
Four, three, two, one...

Let Chaos entwine on defenseless soil.
Remove errors of man and sweep all the weakening kind.

I am war, I am pain,
I am all you've ever slain.
I am tears in your eyes,
I am grief, I am lies.

Bygone are tolerance and presence of grace.
Scavengers are set out to cleanse the human filth parade.

I am pure, I am true,
I am all over you.
I am laugh, I am smile,
I am the Earth defiled.

I am the cosmic storms.
I am the tiny worms.
I am fear in the night.
I am bringer of the blight.

Earth successfully erased.

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