Versuri Dimmu Borgir - Tormentor of Christian Souls

Album: Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant

I could drag you to my chambers
And strip you naked in darkness
I could pull your fingernails out one by one
And rape you till you find no hope

I could rip your guts out
And let you watch me
Sacrifice your unborn child
I could leave you to starve
And even bring you to total silence
...but I won't

For I find no pleasure in your physical pain
I want your Christian soul to crumble

Your f*****g soul

When I have seen your church go up in flames
And you are weeping I will laugh
When I have seen you mourn over loved ones
I will feel bliss when your mortal soul is in ruins

I will grin in the shadows
For that gives me pleasure...
...tormenting a Christian soul