Documentarul Dio: Dreamers Never Die va iesi anul acesta in cinematografe

de Cristi Nedelcu

Documentarul Dio: Dreamers Never Die  va iesi anul acesta in cinematografe

Dio: Dreamers Never Die, mult asteptatul documentar despre Ronnie James Dio, a primit prima sa proiectie publica la Festivalul de Film SXSW la inceputul acestui an. Acum, potrivit sotiei lui Dio, Wendy Dio, intr-un interviu pentru Lazer 103.3, documentarul va fi disponibil in cinematografe candva mai tarziu in acest an.

„We did a lot of different film festivals”, a spus Wendy. "You go to film festivals to get a buyer for the film. And we have secured a buyer. And it will come out at the end of summer in theaters; it'll be in theaters the end of summer." Intr-un interviu anterior cu Wendy despre documentar, ea a dezvaluit ca documentarul Dio: Dreamers Never Die prezinta personalitati precum Rob Halford si Jack Black.

„I saw the first cut of it. It was very emotional. It's very different from [Dio's autobiography]. 'Cause the book finishes in 1986, with Ronnie playing Madison Square Garden. But the documentary goes all the way through his life till the end. And it was very emotional. I was watching it with my publicist and a person from BMG, who are funding the documentary. And we all cried. It was very emotional. But it's really interesting and really good.”

„Rob Halford is great in it, talking about stories. Lita Ford [and] Jack Black [are also in it]. Eddie Trunk and Mick Wall [author of Dio's autobiography] both kind of narrated it and everything. I'm very pleased with it. I don't know exactly when it's gonna come out this year, but it'll be out this year.”

Casa de discuri BMG a autorizat si Dio: Dreamers Never Die, BMG actionand ca finantator si producator executiv al filmului. Dio: Dreamers Never Die „will be the definitive Ronnie James Dio documentary, incorporating never-before-seen archival footage and photos from his personal archives. The film will offer intimate scenes with his closest peers, friends and family as they bring us inside the life of one of rock and roll's true heroes.”

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