Versuri DIONYSUS - The End

Album: DIONYSUS - Fairytales And Reality

[Verse 1]
Steve came out of school with lousy grades
The year was 1989
So many wasted years without a trace
Of human touch to warm his spine
With blood in sight and murder on his mind
A desperate soul so near insanity

And there's a voice inside his head
And it's crying...
Screaming out who destroyed his childhood
To take them down!
Cause this time you really had it!

You will
Till the end
End of time
Play the game
To restrain
Let them hear the drums
It's the sound of revenge
Cause you will always fight
Till the end
End of time
going straight for their
Hearts made of steel
This time it's for real

[Verse 2]
Way too far away to save them now
Drifting around in a pool of hate
The demons from the past, is crawling down
You're tearing out
Their blackened hearts of stone






For real...
This time it's for real!

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