Versuri Dirty Tactics - The Process

Album: Dirty Tactics - It Is What It Is

I’ve got these ideas and I’d really like to see them stuck in other peoples’ heads instead of mine
And I know it’ll take some time and a bunch of art supplies
A constant conversation the abandonment of apathy
I’ve got an idea for the summer to draw a map of the world with a straight line
I don’t wanna wait I don’t wanna wait
Talk about it, think about it I can’t wrap my head around it
I wonder how to go about it all
I wanna know about it all
All I wanna know is what makes this one better than the other ones
Seems like fun to be involved the art world
To have people talk about me and they look at me unlike the other ones
I don’t wanna wait
Turns out it’s a process that can take a lot of time
But am I willing to wait for the other ones to talk about me and write some s**t about me
So I can keep all this moving on
Am I willing to wait
All this waiting can drive a man crazy