Versuri Disarmonia Mundi - Parting Ways

Album: Disarmonia Mundi - Mind Tricks

Are gathering still
Inside the shades of your nightmares
Suffocating you drown within
And dream the day of your destruction
I tried to cope with this a thousand times I slashed my skin
But I still cannot figure it out safe
As my woundless hurt remains frantic
Yours go down the drain
So get the f**k out of my life

By the burden of disease
In this silent addiction
Forever entangled in the dark within
Here's the key to your salvation
Like a bullet in your brain
You're aware of your decay
Restless dreaming of a final solution
All your efforts seem so vain
Time to face all your mistakes
And slash your way out of the dark forever

Yeah I know it's too late
To regret your mistakes
In this world of confusion

The shadows embrace
You get rid of your pain
Parting ways with a blade

Your wordless separation from this state of atrophy
Is nothing but a cold breeze in a world of agony
Now I want you to know
No one will waste a single tear for your demise
And your grave will be nameless, cold and forgotten
Lost in the shadows of time

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