Versuri Disbelief - When Silence Is Broken

Album: Disbelief - Navigator

When silence is broken, broken!

See whatas up!
It faces me with a mask
Iam paralyzed
A day gets dark

When it comes
It feels so strong
I canat dwell on it
On all what surrounds, I spit!

Breakdown - resurrection

Itas opened
A storm of no end
A world where you have no chance!

I wake up
Itas still and cold
The messages theyave told
Nothing exists here in hell, forgive me!

When silence is broken
When silence isa Broken, broken
When silence is broken
When silence is broken, broken, brokena

Fears that reflect on me, like a mask
Canat describe, what Iave seen, what Iave seen

When silence is broken

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