10 Minute Oil Change Tab - Disciple

Disciple - This Might Sting A Little - 10 Minute Oil Change
Copyright:Rugged Records 1999
Tabbed by BiptoN@charter.net

Okay as U know already perhaps from the other tabs I've done, I'm lazy and
don't put all the bends and tweaks and every little note in the tabs I do.
I look at tabs as a way to help get you in the ballpark so you can develope
your ear ;)

Okay it's imperative you listen for the strummin' in here cause I have
a hard time keepin' track of my strums to tab it out exactly. Play this 7x
with a slide up and back down again to move into the verse the 8th time

Eb |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bb |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Gb |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Db |-------------------------/6------------------------------------------|
Ab |-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-/6------------------------------------------|
Db |-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-/6------------------------------------------|

Now the next part 4x, palm mute where needed then jump into this and
play 2x and the 3rd part 2.9x. The counts aren't exact because I lack the
ability to count that fast :( make sure you listen close

Eb |--------------------------|-------------------------|----------------|
Bb |--------------------------|-------------------------|----------------|
Gb |--------------------------|-------------------------|----------------|
Db |-2-5-2-5--2-2--2-5-2-5-1--|--0-3-0-3-00--0-3-0-3/6--|-00-00-00-00-03-|
Ab |-2-5-2-5--2-2--2-5-2-5-1--|--0-3-0-3-00--0-3-0-3/6--|-00-00-00-00-03-|
Db |-2-5-2-5--2-2--2-5-2-5-1--|--0-3-0-3-00--0-3-0-3/6--|-00-00-00-00-03-|

That 3 at the is a false harmonic it's pretty fast to, play this 2x

Eb |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bb |--3~~--------------3~~---------3^v-------------------------------------|
Gb |--2~~--------------2~~----3----3^v-------------------------------------|
Db |--0~~-00000-00000--0~~-xx-3-0-1---0~-----------------------------------|
Ab |--0~~-00000-00000--0~~-xx-1-0-1---0~-----------------------------------|
Db |--0~~-00000-00000--0~~-xx---0-1---0~-----------------------------------|

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