Versuri DISGORGE - Spasmobliterance Filtrates Scabs

Album: DISGORGE - Forensick

Pyogenic eroded slaughtering
Malignant hematogenous
Infected flux
Decorticate dysfunctive
Pig reactions
Spasmobliterating scabs in pulp
Stiff neck and back
Forward blending
Head trauma exudates
Around the scalpel
Sphenoid cavities
Intruding and scourging
Pathogenesis inflence drowziness
Severed pleura stigmatized
Bulging effusionized the sprue
Exagerated diptoic
Inflammatory abscess
Epidermal conditions of the stabs
Surgycal drainage
On the prognose
Filtrates as the urea splatters
Chonic scabbing sick
Affections acute
Blotch erythema
Wimps on the shunts
Smearness of spasmo
Perypheral bins
Conjuctival shredding crisp
Functs among the
Exanthematic measless
Slight tenderness and swelling
In mithrall regurgitations
Facial spasm to the stiffness
Of the stain
Esophageal spazzticity
Linked burst
Sconeal scrubs draining stir
Tricuspid incisive scalping trough
Filtrating scattered
Segmentated inserts
Emerging non articular scabing
Draft gluteal middle
Fibrosse aging
Embered and embalmed
Engorged with savagery
Dampening the tendinose
Munching your
Extreme rotted filtrates