Versuri DISGORGE - Viscose Oseal Fibroma

Album: DISGORGE - Chronic Corpora Infest

Exhuberant ose cariocinesis

Disgenesis soggy agamaglobunemia
Germs convulsing in carfology
Viscose cardiovalvulotome in plast
The inmune complex process
In blastome esclerosis insides
Endocording the deteriorotting

By blowing
Osteitys of endo craneocism
And sewed cysts

In fludges of ceypts toxines haemorph
Laringea regions coloid dolours
Polimorph eritema in pruginose
Succesive changes on the eccematide

The masticate dermis sector
On discord affections
Nauseating by costo estenallids
In carbuncullar impetigo

Erosive incolluble endotellosive
Prominences of pre toracis costrous

Nudosides in the ose parduse pustules
In explore obliterance
Ectodivied malformous
Haemacultive depurates ulcerive
In ectophagist syndromes
Of cervyx insuficience

Now all sectors
Of parietilism and oesonism
Oestocondromice mulled

In glandular viscosity the utero sinlarvs
Fissures now on the pledges of the anal senks

Suctionized in the walls of gastrofistules
Branquio swells brups sacro spumes
Dilated and penetrating renal strumes
Genitosomy on the extracted sistole

Rigid crepsina inside cianosis
Unities of micronodulism segregates
Protesic mucogranulient amorphia
On excrescent congenity

Now viscosity on all esclero dermicism
Haemorph chronic uncinaria
Constitued of spute disrupt
To the endo tellosive rigid cultives
Estirilized briomes in flatulence

Fludges into the limbes of the crypt
Now blood injecting faeces contents
Pro lapse aqueos sick virality
Deceased to diagnosis in the ose