Dreaming In Red Bass Tab - Dismember

Dreaming In Red (Bass intro + stuff)
TAB by Steve Wasylyk

I've searched the net, hoping to find lots of death metal tabs. I've 
seen about 20 and that's it. Hopefully people will start to u/l the stuff 
they've figured out. If anybody knows where stuff like this can be found, 
or has stuff to trade, exchange, give,  
please E - mail me at"


(Bass tuned at normal notation)
*This is definatly not exact but it is workable*
(Play 6)

I'm not really sure about this part, but it sound a lot like Metallica's 
cover of Blitzkriege...listen and check it out
(Play 2) - *Second time requires a slight change on the ending*

Outro (Play --> fade out)